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 Forum Rules and Guidelines

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Forum Rules and Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules and Guidelines   Forum Rules and Guidelines EmptyFri Feb 19, 2016 3:52 pm

1. Be courteous and respectful to all members. Unnecessary flaming will lead to consequences.

2. No spamming. This should be a given, but I'll put it up here just so I can say that I said it.

3. Please keep things in their respective forums. At the moment, some of these are very broad. If I see a need to move/create new forums, then I will do that and will make an announcement. 

4. Topics that do not follow guidelines of the section/blatantly out of place are subjected to be locked, or to deletion, without a notice.

5. We have a policy of keeping things within the realm of Minecraft. This means that we do not accept models from Maya, Blender, etc. No 3D models. No. Not even the ones you try to pass off as your own creations that someone else ripped from Digimon Masters.

6. Do not spam the Moderators/Admin with server requests. Use the appropriate sections.

Failure to adhere to any rules posted may be met with consequences if repeat problems arise.
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Forum Rules and Guidelines
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