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 Staff Ranks Expectations, and Commands

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In-Training Digimon
In-Training Digimon

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PostSubject: Staff Ranks Expectations, and Commands   Thu May 26, 2016 12:59 am

Attendance policy
There is no minimum requirement for time spent on the server, but the effort put into forth will be reflective of your rank (see rank promotion for more information). Breaks are allowed if Cyan and/or Fuzzy are informed of the reason and length beforehand. Requesting of a break after not being on the server for a while will likely have a negative impact on your rank.

Rank promotion
Ranks are determined by actions, namely the amount of time spent on the server and extent of involvement in the job. Consequently, failure or success to meet expectations of your rank can result in demotion or promotion respectively.

Ranks and expectations
All staff are expected to act professionally and set an example while on the server. Any form of rule breaking or immaturity will not be tolerated.

ModJrs are trial staff members in the learning process. Their primary job is to keep the peace, inform people of rules or mechanics, and to report to higher staff members if a problem they cannot solve on their own arises, suspicious behavior is taking place, or the like.
Mods share the responsibility of the ModJrs, as well as the task of muting, warning, or, if necessary, banning in the appropriate scenarios (ie player[s] violating the rules). Those occupying the Mod position also must help in cleaning up any abandoned digimon and moving them to the daycare with their issued GodPet.
Admins have all of the aforementioned responsibilities, with an emphasis on enforcing the rules. As a higher rank, admins are expected to take more responsibility. Whereas Mods are more on the side of handing out warnings and mutes, the admins typically follow through with harsher punishments.
HeadAdmins have all the responsibilities listed above. They are the leaders of the staff, and should be leading by example. If in need of an answer or advice, other staff can ask the HeadAdmins for assistance. Accordingly, HeadAdmins are required to stay informed enough to answer most questions asked by other staff or players.

Although asking questions or advice is welcome, some level of problem solving and autonomy is required by all staff. You are expected apply what you know to handle a situation (especially if it is a precedent one) rather than wait or ask for another staff member to handle it for you. An exception is for ModJrs who do not have access to most staff commands that may be required for a certain situation. For example, instead of asking or telling the staff chat “X has lost their digimon, what should I do?”, instruct the player to follow the directions on the forum post about disappearing digimon. If you feel you must ask a question, use resources first so that others are not answering the same question over and over again. Try to look for the answer on the forum or see if the question has already been asked previously in the staff chat. If you have handled/are handling a situation, feel free to report it back to the staff chat to inform us about the situation and how it was managed. This is not required, however.

In addition to these responsibilities, the ones outlined on the forum also still apply, such as reviewing ban appeals and staff applications. If you choose to take on additional responsibilities as well, you are expected to maintain those.

Removal and reapplication policy
If at any time the senior staff team feels that you are unsuited for your position, we reserve the right to revoke it. This includes, but is not limited to, starting fights with players, us or your fellow staff members, acting unprofessionally or breaking rules while on the server, unexplained periods of absence, failure to carry out your duties while on the server, and unreliability in general.

If at any time you feel that you need to withdraw from staff due to work, school, or personal issues, be sure to contact either Cyan or superfuzzygoat beforehand. As long as you leave the team on good terms, you're welcome to reapply whenever you feel ready for the position. Additionally, if you get removed from staff for any of the reasons listed above but would still like to reapply, you can talk to either Cyan or superfuzzygoat about your reapplication.

Every staff rank inherits the commands of all the ranks before it. Admins, for example, have access to all the commands for Admins, Mods, and ModJrs. All staff are also exempt from the daycare warp cost.

/a [message] - sends a message to the staff chat
/kick <player name> [reason] - kicks a player
/mute <player name> [duration] [reason] - mutes a player. Format for duration is d=days, h=hours m=minutes, s=seconds. Adding no duration makes the ban permanent. Example: To mute the player Bob for 3 hours and 25 minutes, use /mute Bob 3d25m
/seen <player name> - displays a player's information including last online date, current location, and more
/warn <player name> [duration] <reason> - adds a warning to a player
/pr i - toggles Prism's inspection wand. Clicking a block views activity
/pr l [r:radius] [since:time] - looks up nearby activity with Prism. Format for lookup radius (r) and time (since) is d=days, h=hours, m=minutes, s=seconds. The default lookup radius is 5 and 3d respectively.  
/viewbalance <player name> - views a player's balance

/vanish - makes the user invisible. Use command again to toggle
/tempban <duration> [reason] - temporarily bans a player. Format for duration: see /mute
/ban  [reason] - permanently bans a player. Format: see /mute
/fly - allows the user to fly. Use command again to toggle
/unban <player name> - unbans a player
/tp <player name> - forcefully teleports the user to a player

/socialspy - allows the user to view all private messages sent. Use command again to toggle
/commandspy- allows the user to view all commands executed on the server and what is written on signs. Use command again to toggle
/checkban <player name> - checks if a player is banned
/freeze [player name] - prevents a player from moving. Use command again to toggle
/ignite [player name] <ticks> - sets player on fire for a designated amount of ticks
/smite [player name] - strikes a player with lightning. If no player name is entered, the lighting strikes wherever the user's crosshair is pointed
/tphere <player name> - forcefully teleports a player to the user's location
/tppos [X Y Z] - teleports user to designated coords

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Staff Ranks Expectations, and Commands
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