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 Staff Ranks and Responsibilities

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In-Training Digimon
In-Training Digimon

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PostSubject: Staff Ranks and Responsibilities   Thu May 26, 2016 12:59 am

Please Note: Every staff rank inherits the commands of all the ranks before it. Admins, for example, have access to all the commands for JrMods, Mods, Monitors, and Admins.

/kick [name]: kick a player
/mute [name]: mutes a player in chat
/viewbalance [name]: Check the balance of another player
/mail [player] [message] : Send a message to an offline player

Junior Mods are staff members in training. As this is a trial period, commands are limited, however we do expect that you pay attention to chat and report any suspicious activity to the staff team. If you have any questions about the rules or your duties as a staff member, feel free to ask myself, Aruganis, or any other member of the staff team about them.

Like all staff members, Junior Mods are expected to act professionally and set an example while on the server. Any form of rulebreaking or immaturity will not be tolerated.


/tempban [name] [time]: temporarily ban a player
/ban [name]: permanently ban a player
/unban [name]: Unbans a player that is currently banned
/unmute [name]: unmutes a player
/fly: Enables you to fly
/whois [name/nickname]: view a player's username, UUID, ontime, and current world
/me [message]: speak in third person. Abuse will result in removal of command
/heal: Restores your health
/ru check [name]: gives playtime, rank, and time until next rank up
/ru player-info (player): Views player nickname, join date, last visit, and time played
/inspector toggle: right click a block to while in inspector mode to see the complete history of that location. to inspect an empty spot first place a block and then inspect it.
/tp [name]: Teleport to a player without sending a request
/vanish: Become invisible

Mods are responsible for monitoring chat and giving help to players or directing them to the forums as required. this does not include teaching new players how to use the mod, or giving away free items. Mods must be alert to activity on the server at all times while online, and report any bugs or suspicious activity to the senior staff team.

/ban [name]: Bans a player
/tphere [name]: Teleport a player to you without sending a request
/jail [name]: send a player to jail
/unjail [name]: release a player from jail
/slap: slap a player in-game
/weather [clear/rain/thunder]: Change the weather
/toggledownfall: Change from rain to clear or vice versa
/banlist: Lists players who are currently banned
/broadcast [message]: display a message as a server broadcast
/tppos [x] [y] [z]: Teleport to specific coordinates
/smite [name]: Strike a player with lightning
/socialspy: toggles social spy on and off. When enabled, this allows the user to see all private messages on the server.

Admins are responsible for helping and punishing players, issuing bans, and keeping the server running smoothly. Help players but do not pamper them, and make new players feel welcome. All Mod duties carry over to the Admin rank, and it is essential that Admins set a good example. For this reason attitude and having an active presence in-game and on the forums is very important.

Head Admin:
/kill [name]: kill a player
/kickall: Kick all players from the server
/stop: Stop the server
/setwarp [name]: Set a warp to your current location
/delwarp [name]: delete a warp
/gamemode [mode]: change your current gamemode
/give [player] [item]: give an item to a player
/difficulty: Changes the difficulty of the server.(peaceful, hard, etc etc)
/time: view the time of day on the server
/time set [time]: Set the time on the server
/time add [time]: Add time to the current server time
/ban-ip: Ban a player's IP address, not just one account

Admins should refer all issues to the Head Admin, Cyan, or myself. In addition to carrying out the role of Admin as described above, the Head Admin has access to the holding pen in the daycare and is responsible for collecting fees for retrieved Digimon. He or she must also be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the current staff team, review staff applications, and be able to offer feedback on sever-related decisions, including staff promotions.

Please note: This list is subject to change as the server progresses

If at any time the senior staff team feels that you are unsuited for your position, we reserve the right to revoke it. This includes, but is not limited to, starting fights with players, us, or your fellow staff members, acting unprofessionally or breaking rules while on the server, unexplained periods of absence, failure to carry out your duties while on the server, and unreliability in general.

In order to make sure that all staff members are active, we ask that you spend at least one hour a week on the server. This isn't a big time commitment, but it does mean you can't disappear for long periods of time without telling anyone. If you won't be able to make it on the server for a week just let us know beforehand-- like a real job, it's a lot better to tell us before you fail to show up than to try to explain it after.

If at any time you feel that you need to withdraw from staff due to work, school, or personal issues, be sure to contact either Cyan or myself beforehand. As long as you leave the team on good terms you're welcome to reapply whenever you feel ready for the position. Additionally, if you get removed from staff for any of the reasons listed above but would still like to reapply, you can talk to either cyan or myself about your reapplication.
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Staff Ranks and Responsibilities
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