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 How to move your things into the new world, Part II

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PostSubject: How to move your things into the new world, Part II   Mon May 23, 2016 1:49 pm

Alrighty, since I have already had several people message me about this in less than 24 hours of the server being opened, I'm going to make a step by step process on how this is done.

1. Do not private message me asking me to move your things.

2. Do not make topics about moving your things.

3. The world transfer will be a process open for two weeks, starting from today

4. Contact me in game, or I will contact you should I see you.

5. BEFORE you contact me, make sure you have a spot protected/planned out for where you want your house built. I will not wait around forever for you to pick one out if you are constantly asking me to move your things.

6. Once all that is sorted out, you will be teleported back to the old RGB world to collect Only your digimon. Chests and items will need to be sorted through for any buggy items, and will be transferred with your houses. If I catch you rummaging through your items after asking you not to, I will take you back to the new world without your things and you will not have the oppurtunity to get them.

7. Don't be stupid/rude. I'm not going to mention names, but I have already had one person tell me "I don't have the time to wait on you to move my things, I'll be back on later and you better be ready." This is a good way to get me to not do anything for you now, as well as in the future.

Other than that, your houses will be moved to wherever you would like providing you can follow these few rules.
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How to move your things into the new world, Part II
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