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 Getting Started with Polis

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In-Training Digimon

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PostSubject: Getting Started with Polis   Sun May 22, 2016 6:13 pm

EDIT: Digimobs Adventure will be switching from Polis to GriefPrevention as of Monday, June 7th. Please claim your land using GriefPrevention as soon as possible, as all Polis claims will be removed on Monday

Digimobs Adventure uses HassanS6000's plugin Polis for land claiming and grief prevention. This means you can not claim land using a gold shovel, but it also adds quite a few options for land claims and land sharing.

Before you can claim land, you need to create your polis using /polis create [name]. This costs $100. You can name your polis whatever you want, but inappropriate names will of course not be tolerated. Polis names can be changed later.

You next need to put $300 into your polis using /polis deposit 300. Remember, if you add other players to your polis they will also have access to your polis's bank, so don't share land with people you don't know. The plus side of this is that friends can now pool their in-game money and access it freely.

Finally, stand in the chunk you want to claim and do /polis claim. this claims a 16 x 16 square of land. Remember that chunks are determined by the map itself-- your claim will not necessarily be centered on you, so claim land before you start to build. You will receive a message every time you enter or leave your claim, so use this to find the edges. Every player can claim up to 50 chunks, providing you have the money for it.

For a more in-depth command list, go to https://forums.spongepowered.org/t/polis-v2-6-4/9732

And yes, we know that chunks are expensive. Digimobs Adventure is meant to be a challenging server: you need to work at it if you want to expand your polis.
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Getting Started with Polis
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