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 Koem- Monmon returns!

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In-Training Digimon
In-Training Digimon

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PostSubject: Koem- Monmon returns!   Wed May 18, 2016 8:52 pm

You know, I'm sick of Monmon being left out of those Digimon Story games. T< Here's my stance for change; the newest recruitment for Digimobs; Monmon!

Download: mediafire.com ?i3i3xnw3aa5ijpk

So, I have a few things I'd like to say, one thing regarding Monmon and its evolutions, and another based on my progress and moving forward.

First off, regarding Monmon; I'd like its in-training form to be Bombmon, with such a gorgeous matching expression of complete aloofness, it's quite the fit. Despite its machine-like appearance, it's definitely a representation of weaponry, from which Monmon and its entire line are fond of. Bombmon also fits Hookmon and Armormon pretty well. Speaking of which, this topic is slowly merging into the next; evolution lines. My two personal favorite choices thus far are:

Bommon > Bombmon > Monmon > Apemon > Gokuwmon > Gankoomon
Bommon > Bombmon > Monmon > Hookmon > Armormon > Cannondramon

The first line is to satisfy Cyan's sanity. From previous convos, I know very well how much he dislikes some of the DW3 lines. The first line stays within a gradual process of evolution, from which each new form takes a few elements from the previous. Now, the second line on the other hand, my personal favorite due to its faithfulness to DW3 (my favorite Digimon game), is here purely for the sake of maintaining the continuity of the Digimon game/s, despite the de-similarities between each form. Let's just say, if Monmon makes it into the game, I'll be sure to go the Hookmon route. -wary-  Razz

Regarding my own personal progress, I'll be trying my hand at model-animation. Or at least, I'll attempt it under Knight's guidance. It seems pretty hard to me personally, but it might just be due to me not knowing what to expect. As such, I can't completely mark this submission as finished just yet, but, I'll be trying to animate it over the next couple of days. If all else fails, I will have to sadly accept defeat (regarding animation, at least) and Knight can take over.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the model itself, and feedback regarding the lines would be appreciated.
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Koem- Monmon returns!
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