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 Digimobs Server ideas; Purge night

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PostSubject: Digimobs Server ideas; Purge night   Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:37 pm

Cyan trolled the server by saying purge night will activate through the broadcast. I had an Idea there afterward the Digital Vault and purge night. Let me list my Ideas:

1. The digital world is a safe zone and a vault building is added to Dawnleaf and it is ran by a Veemon and to activate the vault you need to get him a Titanium Sword and a Vpet which then you can get teleported into a room to drop your stuff into a Ender chest and digimon can be put into a Digimon vault taking ideas from datasquad and it inserts any digimon you have into a enderchest of sorts or a free daycare that the digimon has to stay in for 12 hours or you get fined

2. when a player goes onto the server in this span of time their claim can be stolen from once the Purge is over all claims will be reinstated but the only safe place is the digital world during the purge

3. those who survive the Purge get a free item but those who died during the purge get stuck in a hang out area where they just stay there until the purge is over ,but if its only one person left and theres time left rewards are double for the survivor and everyone respawns getting a second chance.

4. the purge shouldn't have the mods or admins with their powers or if they do they can't help anyone

5. Purge night would be held evey friday the 13th or first friday of the month

what is your thoughts on the ideas and if you want to expand upon it then do so because this would actually be really fun to do since everyone would have to do their own vaults to keep items safe or stuff like that and it would be a good way to get aggression out.
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Digimobs Server ideas; Purge night
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