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 Natural Armor Evolution & The Odd Case of Gatomon

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In-Training Digimon
In-Training Digimon

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PostSubject: Natural Armor Evolution & The Odd Case of Gatomon   Wed May 11, 2016 8:31 pm

Just a forewarning, most of this post is more-so a theoretical analysis of the concept of Armor Evolution, but, near the bottom, there will be suggestions for the mod based upon the actual analysis.


Actual Suggestions:

*The aspect of Natural Armor Evolution for Digimon such as Swimmon, Drimogemon, and Dracmon, to allow them to evolve to Armor Digimon naturally, and obviously, without the use of eggs.

*Allow Armor Digimon to maintain their type as "Armor Digimon", regardless if they evolved naturally or not. Their power level will remain greater than Champion yet less than Ultimate.

*Rookies will have very steep requirements to maintain a natural Armor evolution, while Champions will be able to obtain it much easier.

*Split up Gatomon (more below).

*New Line: Salamon > (Side-evo) Ringless Gatomon > (Armor-evo) Opposumon > Cho-Hakkaimon > Minervamon (Placeholder Mega, but after looking through the entire list, nothing else fits.)

The Peculiar Case of Gatomon:
I would like to suggest for Salamon to be able to slide-evolve into a Ringless Gatomon, which would maintain Rookie-like stats and the Rookie status. This slide evolution would have no requirements and can happen instantly, but the evolution would involve no bonuses. Ringless Gatomon would be able to use the various digi-mentals in order to armor evolve. Both Salamon and Ringless Gatomon would be able to evolve into Ringed Gatomon via the same requirements.
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Natural Armor Evolution & The Odd Case of Gatomon
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