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 The Complete Implementation of Digimon World 1 Mechanics

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In-Training Digimon
In-Training Digimon

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PostSubject: The Complete Implementation of Digimon World 1 Mechanics   Wed May 04, 2016 10:21 pm

The Full Implementation of Digimon World Mechanics


This isn't necessarily a suggestion, but rather an integrative compilation of how Digimobs could function if running completely on the original Digimon World's mechanics. This is more-so a write-up to describe a vision of how the mod would play out if under the same mechanics as DW1. I'll explain how these features could operate within the world of Minecraft to the best of my ability, though, considering I'm not efficient in coding, I cannot explain that aspect of it, nor would I know if such features would even be possible.

Considering such a massive integration may require an entire overhaul of the game’s mechanics, this entire list should be taken with a grain of salt, and can safely be ignored if need be. However, plenty of these features can be picked and chosen to be added singularly to the mod, as some of these mechanics might be able to benefit the mod greatly.

As such, I’d like to also mention that I’m sure Cyan has already considered DW1 mechanics, and has put tons of thought into it, or at least far more than I have, and this list isn’t meant to dissuade from that notion. Sometimes I will go into obvious detail about the DW1 mechanics, not so much for Cyan’s sake, as he certainly knows the DW1 mechanics enough as it is, but, the descriptions are more-so for the readers who happen to read this thread without specific knowledge of DW1. As for any other hopes- I’d love for this thread to remind Cyan of certain features that he may have liked about DW1, but possibly forgotten about.

Starting out:

Players begin their journey by activating a quest item, which, in this case, will be labeled as a “De-Activated V-Pet”. After activating the item, they will be transported to the digital world with a prompt for a quiz. Players will then be greeted by Jijimon, who thusly provides two different questions: “Which do you prefer? Night or day?” and “How would you describe yourself? Outgoing, Affectionate, Genuine, or Faithful?”
The player’s beginning Digimon will be determined by their answers to these two questions, the following list will be the key:
Day, Outgoing: Agumon (Orange V-Pet)
Day, Affectionate: Biyomon (Red V-Pet)
Day, Genuine: Palmon (Green V-Pet)
Day, Faithful: Patamon (Yellow V-Pet)
Night, Outgoing: Tentomon (Purple V-Pet)
Night, Affectionate: Gabumon (Blue V-Pet)
Night, Genuine: Gomamon (Grey V-Pet)
Night, Faithful: Salamon (Pink V-Pet)

Digimon will start out in their Rookie forms, to provide a sustainable head-start for players to start collecting items and preparing to handle the next cycle of reincarnation. After the quiz is finished, the player will then have their beginning Digimon spawned in next to them, along with this, their previously de-activated v-pet will now be activated and assigned to their partner Digimon’s name, with the corresponding color to the above list.  


Previously I was going to place a clock feature here, going off of the 24-hour clock design within DW1, however, there are many complications with that method, especially within Minecraft servers. Time can easily fluctuate, no one’s Digimon would be able to age the same way, as one hour could be passed on one person’s screen through training, while another player could be completely idle. Similarly, if a player were to use their own bed, many complications would arise with a global time system. Therefore, one solution would be to have it so each Digimon has their own internal clock, similarly to how Digimobs currently operates.

Every Digimon will have a max life-span number based on their current level, though this meter can be lowered through numerous care mistakes. Champions will live up to the age of 15, Ultimates will live until age 20, and Megas will live until age 25.

A Digimon’s internal clock will continually tick upwards as long as they are currently active. A Digimon’s internal clock, and age, can be temporarily paused by storing them inside their V-Pet. This will effectively allow time for players to do tasks such as mining without worrying about their Digimon’s age. A Digimon’s internal clock will spike by one hour either during training or resting (See Beast-Recruitment section below). Putting the Digimon to sleep will cost them eight hours of lifespan. Each care mistake will result in a loss of twenty four hours of lifespan. A lost battle will result in three days-worth of depleted lifespan.

In-Training through Rookie cannot die of old age, but instead, will indefinitely evolve into Pagumon, Chuumon or Numemon, respectively, if they are treated under negative conditions.


Generally Digimon will have an icon floating above their head whenever they need something, if their demand is not acted upon, it will count as a care mistake. Digimon will often get hungry, sleepy, or have to use the restroom. Larger Digimon may become hungry more often, while smaller ones will eat less, though small evolutions usually require petite weight levels as digivolution requirements. There is also an extremely rare chance for a Digimon to become sick from eating, or become injured from either battling or training. Digimon with multitudes of care mistakes will have these chances heightened, as dirty Digimon will often become sick, while tired Digimon are more prone to injury. A care mistake will also result in lowered happiness and disciplinary levels.

Restrooms and vending machines will now spawn randomly throughout Minecraft’s Digital World, neither of which can be mined or moved, but players can still build houses or cities around them.

As stated earlier, failure to prevent care mistakes will result in a shorter life-span. Most status icons can be fixed via meeting the required methods- such as a hunger icon being fixable via feeding your Digimon. However, the tired icon is an instant care mistake which cannot be immediately fixed. The tired icon will result from strenuous training sessions.

In-Training through Rookie can only train four consecutive times in a row before becoming too tired, while Champion-Mega will be able to train up to seven consecutive times. Similarly, five battles will induce the same tiredness as one training session (So 20 battles would cause a Rookie to become tired). A Digimon that trains while having the tired status won’t gain any stat boosts. Going to a Minecraft bed, or a medical provider (a recruited beast Digimon), will allow the player to rejuvenate a Digimon’s energy at the cost of one hour of lifespan.

Praising a Digimon will result in its happiness meter increasing. The higher the happiness meter is, the higher the chance that the Digimon will live a prolonged lifespan. As noted earlier, when a Digimon is hungry, or needs to use the restroom, it will provide an alert emoticon above its head, this emoticon usually lasts a while before it actually counts as a care mistake; scolding will make it so the duration of this reaction period will last a longer time, as your Digimon will notify you earlier than usual about its problems, and will hold back on its frustration for a longer duration. Using the praise option will lower the discipline meter, while using the scold option will lower the happiness meter. Generally, through successful caring, both meters will gradually reach 100% even without using the praise/scold options.

After a Digimon loses three battles, it will subsequently die. Otherwise, if it lives long enough, it will die of old age. If a Digimon dies of old age, you will be able to pick a new Digi-Egg out of four random options, otherwise, a randomly assigned Digi-egg will be provided.

Note- Lifespan can also be increased through rare and costly items such as Chain Melons and certain Digi-Fish.

Note2- Resting at a bed or clinic (a recruited beast Digimon) will restore some HP and MP, but will cost an hour out of your Digimon's lifespan. Sleeping, although only available from the menu when your Digimon has the "Zzz" emoticon, will fully restore HP and MP, but at the cost of eight hours out of your Digimon's lifespan.


Digimon won’t have an over-all level (ex. LVL 100), but rather, they will have a list of stats that determine their overall efficiency. Generally the best way to raise stats would be to simply train with a recruited Dragon Digimon daily, at least until Champion+, where it might be more efficient to train on actual opponents.

HP: Health

MP: Amount of magic power, when this amount hits 0, the Digimon will not be able to use anymore moves.

Offense: Increases the damage of both regular attacks and finishers.

Defense: Lowers receiving damage a little, but also increases your chance to block, to completely negate damage. Blocking will also provide a decent boost to a Digimon’s finisher bar.

Speed: Decreases the amount of time it takes for a Digimon to utilize an action. Digimon with low speed stats may stand idly more often. Also allows Digimon to follow orders/commands much quicker.

Brains: Provides more options for you and your Digimon.
100 Brainpower- Unlocks the “Offense” command.
200 Brainpower- Unlocks the “Moderate” command.
300 Brainpower- Unlocks the “Stay Away” command.
400 Brainpower- Unlocks the “Defense” and “Change Target” commands.
500 Brainpower- Offense and Moderate are now replaced by individual move-slots.
999 Brainpower- MP costs for moves are decreased.


Each element will contain four different moves, and, similarly to DW1, these moves will stay unlocked after they are earned, even if your Digimon has reincarnated. These moves are tied to the tamer themselves.

The current elements will be Fire, Ice, Air, Earth, Mech, Battle, Dark, Light, and Filth. Moves are labeled with their own attack power, MP cost, and Range. The various ranges include: Short, Long, Wide (AOE), and Self (Self-Buff). Some attacks will be able to inflict poison or stun.

Players will be able to select three moves from their move list for their Digimon to utilize within combat. Every Digimon will have one to three elements tied to their name, and they will be able to utilize each unlocked move within their elemental jurisdiction. For example, a Gaomon would be able to utilize the entirety of the unlocked Air and Battle move list.

Moves are learned through battling with other monsters, the longer the battle is, the higher the chance of learning a move. Digimon can also randomly learn a move if they are under the following condition: your Digimon evolves to a form that has no available moves to utilize, within this situation, they will randomly learn a move
that they are capable of learning.

Each move has its own startup lag and end-lag, this variable is not tied to the speed stat. The speed stat simply reduces the time it takes to actually activate a move. Afterwards, the move would still retain its startup lag. This is to prevent blitzing, as you could utilize weaker, quicker moves in order to combat against speedy opponents.


Battles initiate whenever a player walks into an opposing Digimon. This causes an invisible ring to form, from-which your own Digimon and the opposing Digimon will partake in battle. Other Digimon that happen to be walking within the ring will also join the battle, so be careful! The player can still move freely during the battle, and can even walk away from the ring, but the Digimon will still remain within that area, acting and moving on its own based on its default command. When a battle is initiated, several hexagon-like icons will appear above the screen, these are a Player’s commands. These commands can be alternated between by using “,” and “/” keys. To confirm a command, the player will use the “.” Key.

Note: Avoiding battles can be relatively easy, as Digimon will move fairly slowly and the spawn rate will be decreased.

Players will start out with two commands, one being a general cheer, and the other being “run-away”. Listed below is the full list of options with a desired brain stat:

Cheer- Your Digimon will act on its own, often clumsily. This is the default command.

Offense- Your Digimon will utilize its stronger moves, generally with the highest chance to use the most damaging, with a secondarily chance to use a medium-strong move.

Moderate- Your Digimon will begin using less-damaging moves. If your Digimon has a self-buffing move, it will often capitalize on them.

Stay Away- Your Digimon will run around the ring, effectively stalling the battle by avoiding projectiles and close ranged attacks. This can, in a way, help your Digimon learn your opponent’s moves, as it prolongs the battle-time, however, it is pretty risky as your Digimon is defenseless while running around.

Defense- Your Digimon will start to stand still, doubling its own chance to block attacks. Your Digimon will be able to gain their finish-meter pretty quickly this way, but it is risky, as the opposing Digimon is able to have many chances to damage your Digimon within the process.

Change Target- Your Digimon will direct its attention to a different target. Although it’s fairly rare to be battling two Digimon at once, it is still possible if two Digimon are within a close vicinity.

Run- You will run from battle. In-game, the opposing Digimon will be momentarily stunned for a short period of time as you get away. There isn’t much of a cost to this, but it does lower your Digimon’s Discipline rate by a considerable amount.

Actual Moves- If your Digimon’s brain stat is at 500, both the offense and moderate hexagons will be replaced with your Digimon’s actual three moves. You will now be able to effectively control which moves your Digimon uses within a battle.

During each attack, your Digimon’s *finish* meter will rise, and during a block, it will rise exponentially. Each Digimon has its own finisher, and generally they are exceedingly strong moves. Considering the time constraints of the mod, these finishers should just be re-used regular move animations but with higher damage output.

Winning a battle will earn you both experience and bits, as well as a chance to earn a random dropped item as well. Losing a battle results in your Digimon surviving with 1-HP, the opponent will also be stunned momentarily, and you will then be able to run away. Careful, though, as losing three battles will result in death.


Eggs will now hatch immediately, and in-training/in-training2 will evolve on their own over time, even without battle. Though, if their stats are low, they will end up becoming a lesser powerful Digimon than necessary. Digimon will ultimately evolve on their own if various requirements are met, so it is quite possible to evolve to Mega well-before the Digimon’s lifespan is near depletion (EX. It’s possible to get a Mega level before age 15, while still maintaining the full lifespan of twenty five

Each Digimon will have an evolution path of 1-5 different Digivolutions. Generally, any Digimon could become any other Digimon through time and/or various reincarnations. Digimon cannot normally de-generate, but instead, will only go forward, with only one exception (we’ll go over that later…).


Your V-Pet itself will act as your very own menu system, but it will be tied to your Digimon itself. Think of the V-Pet as an identification card, each tamed Digimon needs one. Right clicking while holding your V-Pet will bring up your own Digimon Menu, which features many different functions, including: Stats, Moves, Praise, Scold, Sleep, and store.

The Stats menu will allow you to see your Digimon’s name, nickname, attribute, type, elements, age, weight, and stats (hp, mp, offense, defense, speed, brains). The moves menu will show you your overall list of moves and the ones your Digimon can actually utilize; you will be able to set your Digimon’s three moves within this menu.

The praise and scold options were described at the end of the “Caring” section above. The sleep function will be utilized whenever your Digimon needs to take a long nap; this is different from simply being tired, as the tired status is a care mistake. The sleep status is simply a natural procedure, all Digimon get tired after about sixteen hours pass, and the Digimon will sleep for eight hours total.

The store option will effectively store your Digimon within the V-Pet, this is effectively the same as “pausing”, your Digimon’s age will remain stagnant while in the V-Pet, and players will then be able to work on other, more time-consuming “Minecrafty” things. To use the store option, your Digimon must be in perfect condition, as in, fully rested, fed, and without status inflictions such as tiredness or sickness.


Boss Digimon can now be recruited by defeating them- after they are defeated, they will have dialog to where they provide you with a marker item and then leave. With this marker, you can place it wherever you want, and then the Digimon will spawn there for good, providing different goods and services. Using this function, player-built cities can have multiple different recruitment Digimon that can ultimately help all of their citizens in many different ways- this helps new players immensely. Each attribute of Digimon will provide their own type of service:

Note- Placing a marker will create a circular insignia on the ground, from-which the recruited Digimon will stand on top of in-place. If the recruited Digimon isn’t wanted anymore, a player can break the insignia, allowing the Digimon to go free (One idea out of many, the other idea would be to just to have a dialog option for it). On servers, this Marker can be protected from destruction by your city’s players.

Dragon Digimon-
Dragon Digimon function as training assistants. After placing their position, they will be able to increase your Digimon's stats at the cost of an hour passing. Digimon will begin to get tired and hungry after consecutive training sessions, and if a tired symbol appears above their head, it will count as a care mistake. Dragon Digimon are randomly assigned different training regimens, for example, some will only provide the option to train your Digimon's attack stat. Higher level Digimon will provide more options.

Beast Digimon-
Beast Digimon will function as medical providers, and offer two options- providing rest, and selling both bandages and medicine. Resting will restore energy and replenish a variable amount of health and MP on the spot depending on the recruitment Digimon's level.

Plant Digimon-
Plant Digimon will provide two services. They can provide three digi-meats a day, while also being able to sell many different types of foods. The meat size and types of foods that they can sell depend on their level. Megas will provide sirloins and can sell rarities such as Chain Melons. If the recruited Plant Digimon are within the vicinity of a farm, they will have the passive ability to speed up crop growth.

Insect Digimon-
Insect Digimon sell various stat chips, the higher the level, the more they will be able to sell per day. Insect Digimon will also have the ability to increase stat boosts during training sessions if they are nearby a recruited Dragon Digimon (does not stack, but higher level insect Digimon will provide higher boosts and will have priority).

Aquan Digimon-
Aquan Digimon will sell a Blue Flute after being recruited, they will also be able to teach various new moves for your Digimon to learn.  Activating the Blue Flute near a body of water will cause the screen to quickly fade black, prompting a dialog that mentions you have called in your recruited Aquan Digimon to traverse the ocean. The Blue Flute will transport you straight forward until you have reached the nearest non-water landmass.

Avian Digimon-
After placing their position, you can name their warp point. Having multiple avian recruit members allows you to warp between them if you speak to them and pay for their service. They effectively act as warp points. Lower level Avian Digimon will have a smaller radius for how far they can send the player, while Megas will be able to have instant access to every other warp on the server.

Holy Digimon-
Holy Digimon function as merchants that sell various healing and MP restoration items. Like the other architypes, the amount of items and their proficiency will depend on the recruited Digimon’s level.  

Evil Digimon-
Evil Digimon will function as cooks, providing on-the-spot culinary services. Various meals provide different effects, but each will fill up the Digimon's hunger. Some will restore a Digimon's energy by lowering its tiredness.


Farming works sort of similarly to how it currently is, but with the separation of meats. They no longer grow into different stages, but are rather different items altogether. This is so better meat can remain high tier and more fulfilling to a higher level Digimon’s stomach. Small meat shouldn’t have the ability to become sirloins under the tiered conditions of DW1 mechanics. Having a recruited plant Digimon near the vicinity of crops will effectively increase growth rates.


Using recruited Dragon Digimon, players will be able to effectively train their Digimon based on the training sessions that are available. Generally the recruited Dragon Digimon will have limited options, such as only being able to increase a Digimon’s attack stat. If a recruited insect Digimon is within the vicinity of your training session, your stats will gain an added bonus. Training too much will result in a tiredness status, leading to a care mistake. To prevent this, one must go to either a bed or clinic (recruited beast Digimon) to rest their Digimon for an hour.


Considering there are no visible numbered levels within this system, one will have to assume the strength of an opponent both based on that Digimon’s stage (Rookie/Champ/Ult/Mega) and the actual environment.  Some locations will generally have stronger Digimon, where even Rookies are stronger than Champions of other, more common, areas.

Some considerable biomes from DW1 include Forests, Misty Forests, Lakes, Beaches, Caves, Mountains, Swamps, Toy Towns, Lava Mountains, Sewers, Ice caps, Canyons, Fortresses, Cemeteries, Jungles, Factories, and Savannahs. Obviously all of these would be too much work, but some could be utilized.

Bosses would also be included, similarly to how Digimobs currently has, except there could possibly be dungeons and/or more things similar to Ogremon’s camp (which is currently a feature in the mod).

Transportation features such as the avian and aquan recruitment Digimon will help greatly with traversing large quantities of land in a quick manner, especially from city to city.

Third Party Implementation (Anime and other Games):

Where do Digivices fit into this? I mean, this is Digimobs so of course I would have to include things from the anime. Well, to those who are wondering, yes, I’ll include Digivices into this compilation, even though they aren’t necessarily in DW1. Digivices, or at least, how I would imagine them, would have to follow the mechanics of the anime pretty deeply, which means, several mechanics that were suggested would have to be tweaked somewhat heavily.

Similarly to V-Pets, Digivices will also be assigned directly to your Digimon after you have clicked on them with it. Think of it as if it were a secondary ID (for whatever reason). After assigned, the Digivice will create a bunch of unique changes for your Digimon, you might want to sit down for this.

Firstly, your Digimon’s age will now become a stagnant infinity symbol, secondly, your Digimon will always remain in its current form. If you assigned the Digivice while the Digimon was in Rookie form, then it will remain in Rookie form while it is outside of battle.

Your Digivice will have its own menu, similar to the V-Pet, but its menu will only have one function- to choose your desired evolution during battle. Opening up your Digivice’s menu will allow you to look through a web of all of the currently available evolutions that your Digimon could possibly evolve to.

If your Agumon is relatively decent on stats, it could have the ability to evolve into several different champions, such as Greymon, Tyrannomon, and Centarumon, but, if its stats were much higher, the web would grow, allowing you to evolve into things such as Greymon’s evolutions: Metal Greymon and Brachiomon, while also allowing Tyrannomon’s evolutions: Metal Tyrannomon and Master Tyrannomon.

From that menu, you would be able to select the desired form you would like to take during battle, with several multipliers depending on which stage you have chosen. If going from Rookie to Champion, you would have a small percent increase in all stats during the battle, but if going Rookie to Mega, the percent would be higher.

After setting the desired evolution for the Digivice, you would then be able to open up your V-Pet’s menu and notice a difference when going to the stats and move-set page, both of these pages will now be updated as if you actually were using the evolved Digimon (EX. After choosing Metal Tyrannomon as a desired evolution, one would then see a stat page featuring Metal Tyrannomon’s name, type, attribute, and stats {originally Agumon’s but with percent multipliers}. The move page would also have changes, as it would now allow you to assign Mech moves to let your Digimon use in battle.

Regarding Armor Digimon; having a Digi-Mental within your inventory will unlock the armor option within the Digivice as a possible evolution. If the digi-mental were to be removed from the player's inventory, then the battle Digimon option would be reverted back to your original Rookie Digimon as the default battle option (unless you originally assigned your partner Digimon as something that isn't a Rookie).

Regarding DNA/Jogress; having another V-Pet of the secondary required Digimon within your inventory will allow you to access a Jogress/DNA Digivolution within your digivolution web. EX. If you have an Agumon with Wargreymon set as its default battle Digimon option, and a Gabumon with MetalGarurumon set as its default battle Digimon option, Omnimon would then be unlocked within Agumon's digivolution web (considering the mod recognizes that you have a V-Pet with Wargreymon stats, and a V-Pet with MetalGarurumon stats, this is due to the trick from earlier, to where the digivice will actually edit the V-Pet's stat page). This would then allow you to set Omnimon as your default battle Digimon. Similarly to Armor Digimon, though, if you were to remove the Gabumon V-Pet, then Agumon would then become the new default battle Digimon.

Considering the overpowered nature of this item, and for good reason, it’s a Digivice, there has to be some balances to it. Firstly, it would be pretty difficult to acquire. Secondly, to maintain the care aspect of the game, there would have to be a cost: Due to the Digivice’s nature of gaining power from bonds and friendship, a tamer’s Digimon would have to be cared for immensely; if your Digimon’s happiness meter becomes zero, it will suddenly abandon its tamer, and leave as if it were a wild Digimon. Consequently, care mistakes will now deplete double the amount of minus points from the happiness meter than it would have before. If a Digimon were to abandon you through this method, you will simply be assigned a new random Digi-Egg, in a very similar procedure to as if you had lost three battles.

Note: Knight has informed me that some of the features that I had said were in the mod, aren't actually in the mod anymore, such as Ogremon's Camp. On the flip side, some changes were made recently that I didn't know about, such as the meats being separated again. I apologize for my limited knowledge of the recent update, as I have been exceedingly busy the past few months and haven't been able to actually play in quite a while.
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The Complete Implementation of Digimon World 1 Mechanics
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