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 Want to restart because digis are glitched

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PostSubject: Want to restart because digis are glitched   Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:19 pm

I logged on after a very long time and tried to spawn my digis from their vpets. When they came out it said the user was offline and it wouldn't let me interact with them at all. I found the story coin that allows you to pick ur first digi in my inventory so I used it and got a new digi, which is good. But, my old digis got stuck at spawn. I pushed them into the water so they would be out of the way but they need to be terminated so it doesn't cause problems or anything and because abandoned digis are against the rules. After getting a new digi it made me want to do a fresh restart, so I was wondering if a staff or administrator could reset my quest progress and/or rank.
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Rookie Digimon
Rookie Digimon

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PostSubject: Re: Want to restart because digis are glitched   Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:35 pm

There is no "restart". The owner offline bug can be fixed by Cyanxi, superfuzzygoat, or me so you can get your old digimon back -- they don't NEED to be killed, unless you really don't want them fixed.
Though, a day in spawn might mean somebody's messed with them, so if I can get the rough coords of where this water was, what digimon you left there, your IGN, and what dimension, I'll take a look into it if nobody beats me to it.
The abandon rule isn't really something players get punished for by something like a ban; worse case scenario the digimon is lost and not retrieved. It just helps on both staff and player ends if people keep them in a v-pet or their claim instead of leaving them out.
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Want to restart because digis are glitched
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