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 Important information regarding RGB_Digimobs and transferring houses

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PostSubject: Important information regarding RGB_Digimobs and transferring houses   Tue Apr 26, 2016 3:16 pm

You may have noticed a quite noticeable in the RGB_Digimobs server lately, and I am finally here to shed a little light about what has been going on.

As you know, our server came under attack from some rather colorful manchildren a little over a month ago, DDOSing our server reaptedly. Unfortunately in this process, a chunk in the server has become corrupt, and is causing entities to spawn in exponentially greater numbers as long as no one spawns in the overworld, which has sometimes led to their being over 40,000 entities spawned into the overworld, timing out the server and making it nearly impossible to play on.

What you don't know is, that I have been trying to get the server managers(RGB) on for over a month to help me solve this issue so that people can play. I was ultimately met with "We have intentionally let this server die due to constantly being ragged on about fixing the problems". Their only solution was to wipe the world and have everyone start from scratch - again. And after them being mostly inactive for the better part of the last 6 months, things had to change.

That being said..

As of Saturday, 4/23 I have fired the RGB staff, and the host server for RGB has been cancelled. At the end of May, the RGB_Digimobs server will be coming down for good.

The good news is that the remaining people on the staff are sick and tired of you having a lackluster server experience, and we are coming together to make sure this does not happen again. We have been working on a 1.8.9 server for the past few weeks now, and will be prepared to launch Digimobs on 1.8.9 very soon. And we are giving you an opportunity to transfer over some of your things from RGB_Digimobs.

We will only be saving one house per player from the old map. It is recommended that you put any valuables inside the house you want transferred, and leave your digimon outside the v-pets. The reason for this is because a lot of the item code for 1.8.9 has changed, and it is very likely that most digimobs items will not transfer over, including v-pets.

The final back up will be May 20th, so be sure to put your digimon out in your house before that date
You MUST do three things to ensure your house/digimon/vanilla items get saved.
1. You MUST leave a sign outside the door of the house you wish to save. It must have your name on it, and say something alone the lines of "save this house"

2. You MUST PM me on the forums here saying that you have done this. This PM should contain the coordinates of your house. So the x,y, and z position
3. You MUST log on within the allotted time once the new server launches to have your things transferred. I will give people plenty of time to log in, so don't worry about that.

Other than, we look forward to seeing you on the Digimobs Adventures server soon. If you have any questions, you may post them in this topic.
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Important information regarding RGB_Digimobs and transferring houses
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