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 Results of the Digimobs Survey

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PostSubject: Results of the Digimobs Survey   Tue May 02, 2017 2:18 pm

Below are the results of the survey posted on the Minecraft forum, note that this one was a little bit different from the one given on the server.

Couple of things before we begin.

-I'd like to thank everyone who took this seriously. I was very happy that I only had to toss out four surveys which, after looking into a little bit further into who posted them, came to learn that it's the same four people who have been hostile and otherwise bitter since the beginning.

-There is a LOT of information here. Because of that, I will not necessarily be posting every individual result of the poll. Instead I will be grouping similar answers all together just to keep this from being extremely lengthy. As for the format, I will be posting the question, the replies, and then responding to each reply individually as best as I can.

Ready set go. Answers from the survey will be in black text with quotations. My thoughts will be directly under them and in blue.

Question 1: How long have you been playing digimobs?

For some reason, these results greatly interest and amuse me. They make almost a perfect bell curve, and I'm not sure if there is truly some statistical significance here, or if it's just coincidence. It seems as if most people started in around 2013, which makes sense as it was probably about the time Minecraft peaked in popularity. But it's nice to know that we have some hardcore fans still here from the beginning.

Question 2: Name one thing you like about the Digimobs Mod. This means something about the mod, not a particular digimon in the mod.

- "I love how well done the digital world looks."

- You will have to thank superfuzzygoat for that one. She did a great job revamping all the old world generation and adding even more on top of that. I particularly like the new highlands stuff and how it lights up at night myself.

- "I enjoy the fact that it gives a twist on digimon that I don't often see in actual Digimon Games. At least, not ones i've played. It gets the player involved with caring for the digimon and training it. You can't  just grind levels or something and digivolve. You have to have the right materials, the right stats, the right age, and friendship with it ALL along with the survival and building aspects of minecraft."

- This has definitely been my overall goal from the beginning. I wanted to have that old school Digimon World vibe flawlessly incorporated into Minecraft, instead of just making it completely separated from the game itself. How successful has that been? Well..Depends on who you ask.

-"Being able to punch digimon"

- I...am surprised at how often this came up >.> Is this some kind of latent grudge towards Pixelmon for not letting their entities be punched? It's uh..Well, I'm glad you all like to hit things..I think.

-"All the items/blocks that come from the games/anime"

- Kind of hard to have Digimon without things from Digimon! But just you wait, there's plenty more where that came from.

"I like how it's free to get digimon, unlike DMO"

- Agreed. Agreed. I strongly dislike DMO for that very reason. Though I HAVE had people tell me they would rather pay for digimon than deal with having to hunt for bosses to obtain eggs. And I find those people very sad.

"The amount of effort that has been put into this mod"

- Definitely. This is definitely a project of passion as Digimon isn't very popular in general. But one thing that can be rest assured is that the people working on this mod, past and present, have had a lot of passion for this project.

-Annnnd These are just a few of the highlights I picked out. I'm glad that everyone has something specific they like about the mod, but I feel like talking too much about this question isn't really productive. I can talk more about the things that people liked if requested, but I think for now we will skip to the next part.

Question 3: Name one thing you DISLIKE about the Digimobs Mod. This means something about the mod, not a particular digimon.

- "Nothing Very Happy"

- Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

-"A lot of different answers about varying parts of stats and battling"

- Annnd heres one of the biggest ones. A lot of people have complained
about the grind for stats being too hard, and likewise the enemy digimon
around the same level having too high of stats. So I have a couple of
questions/thoughts here.

lot of these were posted before I made some changes to the system in
general. Of note, I severely decreased the the stats of enemy digimon
per level, and fixed a rather critical bug that had gone unnoticed for a
long time with digimon ignoring defense. I also made stat gains
non-random, so that digimon are steadily gaining stats for certain
actions. My question is, do people still find the stats/fighting
incredibly hard to do as of the latest update? Honestly I've found it a
little too easy, but I'd like to here more feedback here.

other thing that has come up is that people would rather have the old
stat gain system back. And I'll just go ahead and say it isn't
happening. There's nothing fun, or rewarding, about having the stats of a
digimon instantly max out the second you hit level 100. That just cheapens it. So I have two propositions here.

I can continue adding various ways to get stat exp(Training equipment
is one example of this, and I'm thinking about growable foods that can
also give stat exp in the future), to make a plethora of ways to train
up your digimon.

I can ditch the stat exp, and make a point allotment system. For those
not familiar with the concept, you would gain so many points per level
up, and you could spend the points on whatever stat you wanted. So you
could evenly distribute points into all stats, or dump them all into the
attack stat to be a glass cannon.

- "The confusing way to digivolve some Digimon."
Something I find confusing. As if you click to digivolve a digimon, it
will tell you whatever requirements for the digimon are you are missing.
There is nothing really confusing about it. If this is more of a
reference to secret/hidden/special digivolutions that aren't naturally
listed in the possible routes for a digimon to digivolve
into..well..that is intentional. I came from a generation where you
couldn't just look up a guide on the internet to fly through a game. And
that stays true to this mod. There are SOME things you will just have
to discover by accident or discuss with other people to figure out how
to do.

-"Starting out in high level biomes"

- Most of these comments were made before the change, but I still have gotten some in more recent surveys,
which means people are still playing outdated versions. This is no
longer an issue in the 1.10.2 version of digimobs, and it's even
configurable if you want to change the leveling curve of the world.

feels very samey and repetitive all throughout the mod. It's great but
it also seems like you're doing the same thing constantly and never
anything new. You're always training and healing, moving on and
repeating the process. Even after getting new Digimon you're still doing
the same thing and even then getting some items is a real grind."
Agreed. There is a lot of reptitiveness in the mod, and I'm not
entirely sure how to solve this. As another person wrote in another
survey, Digimon is primarily a battle series where the point is to
achieve the strongest possible form. And..that is indeed repetitive. And
if you take a closer look at the games..they also suffer from the same
issue. As after you finish the story(which is generally just a series of
battles and some text), you aren't left with anything else to do, other
than train more digimon.

is seriously one of the bigger struggles I have in coming up with
things to add to the mod. I don't feel like many things I have come up
with really take away from the repetitiveness. So I am open to any and all discussions on how to combat(hehe pun) this.

-"Models/Textures need improving"

This feels like a subtle "Make 3D wavefront models like Pixelmon!"
answer, to which I will say no to everytime. The closest you will get to
those are the super complex blocky models that Fuzzy currently
does.(Palmon remodel, Piedmon, etc). However if this is actually a
comment in regards to some of the older models in the game, rest assured
that they will slowly get remodeled over time.

-"Its really hard and time consuming, this is a mod for minecraft I don't really like putting in over 5 hours just to get to champion if I'm lucky."

So after initially seeing this comment, I set out to see how long it
would take to get to champion level in just a small single player run
without any prior setup. Took me about two hours. And that was
only because of the age requirement. 1. This isn't a simple "add more
blocks to miencraf" mod. It adds more gameplay. It's not about seeing
everything in less than 5 hours and being done with it. So this mod may
not be for you, for more than one reason. One of my pet peeves with some
players are those that want instant gratification. It isn't the point
of the mod, and so if you are the type of person that wants everything
instantly, you may want to go elsewhere. Or play in creative. Whichever

-"The Digimentals are a bit too easy to get, maybe having a boss digimon guard them would be a good fix to that."

- Agreed, especially with the implementation of the fragments. Though
I'm not entirely sure that a boss to guard them is exactly the right way
to solve this. Would like more input here on other alternatives.

corrupted digimon with their regeneration ability, this makes the high
level corrupted digimons nearly impossible to kill."

-This sounds more like an issue with how digimon ignored defense in previous 1.8.9 versions,
making it harder to kill things in general. But I will take a look at
the way high level digimon regen and see if it may be unintentionally

dislike the fact that materials in the digital world cant be used on
standard crafting recipes. ie: Digi-wood cant make tools"
 - Intentional that they cannot make wooden tools, unintentional that some types of digiwood can't be used for sticks/chests/etc. That oversight will be corrected in the update.

Question 4: Give a suggestion on something that can be improved in the Digimobs Mod.

- "Update older models"

- Already covered this, so all I will say is that this is something that will happen overtime.

- "More means of obtaining digimon"

- When I see this, it immediately
translate into "Easier way to get digimon", which I don't like at all.
The philosophy I've always had is that multiple digimon are more of a
luxury. That being said, the next update will introduce a slightly new
method of obtaining digimon, but it will certainly not necessarily be easier.

-"Add more Digimon"/"Add Burst Modes"

face that is trying to hide the fact that this answer destroys me on
the inside, and isn't really helpful as far as suggestions goes as there
will always be more digimon added) Wink

-"Add worldgen villages of various types"

Something I definitely want to do, and tinker with when I get bored. I
mostly want these to factor into quests, which is why these haven't
happened yet.

Digivolution system in general. It's straight forward options right
now, which works, but for some evolutions, they feel unnecessary, for
instance the armours. They aren't needed in the mod unless you want
something different. To help this having Dark spires to limit evolution
and having the armours be required for those areas would be nice. For
improving on the "scene" of digivolution, I think the whole thing needs
an overhaul but for special digivolutions, ie Armours and DNA, a
different thing could be used instead of the glowy spinning thing, I'd
say other seasons styles could be used but you'd get into trouble of
what would use it etc. To also add to the armour thing, a limited
evolution time. You could obtain a permanent evolved form eventually but
having the Digimon degenerate after a time would feel more like the animes."

Some digivolutions are meant to feel straight forward. They are there
to keep progress going and not get you stuck, as some evolutions are
already not so straight forward, and require more strategy to obtain in a
timely manner. More on Armor digimon in a later comment... As for time
digivolutions, been there, done that. They were that way in the earlier
versions of digimobs. Didn't really work out too well, which is why it
was changed. "Feeling like the animes" isn't really my objective. I'm
more prone to "Feel like the games, with some anime stuff thrown in".

-"Perhaps a different sky in the Digital World dimension, similar to the Tamers series."
 -Agreed. Hope you like the new sky in the next update as much as I do.

"Maybe more biomes?"

I want to add more biomes, yes. I don't really have any ideas though
for new ones at the moment that don't already cover something thats
already in the mod, or something that is just a glaringly similar copy
to a vanilla biome. OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS

of the digimon lines could be improved, I mean Tyrannomon becoming
brachiomon is wacky at best, Ankylomon would work better for it. (also the fact that some digimon have no conections to other lines.)"
I mean, naturally digimon lines will be improved and further connected
as more digimon are added to the mod. It's more of a matter of time than
a lack of means. Also...one dinosaur becoming another dinosaur is wacky
yet an armadillo becoming a dinosaur is not? Click here for more info on why Brachiomon digivolves from Tyrannomon, it might be enlightening.

there are a lot of other things posted here too. But if I go through
each one of them, This will become 10 posts long. Most of the other
suggestions pertained to stats, quests, and other things that I have
already hit on. Much I can expand upon them should it honestly be

Question 5: If there was one thing you could have in the Digimobs Mod...

-The results from this survey are on the top. The results of a very similar survey given for the server only are on the bottom. As you can see there
is a pretty large difference in what people want from one group to another. These general consensus though, seem to want something other
than grinding levels and crafting, so this will be my main focus for the next few updates.(And of course more digimon, don't you worry).

Question 6: If you wanted more digimon, you would want them from...

-Again, this survey is on the top, the server survey on the bottom. There is quite an interesting spread between these two results as well. The one thing I am shocked to see is that there is a majority that would rather have digimon that were not featured in any anime. That being said, after I finish up the remaining ~20 or so digimon from Digimon Adventure, I suppose I will be diving deeper into non-anime digimon. And maybe Xros Wars/Fusion by the looks of it.

Question 7: Request one digimon line to be added to the mod.

-And man were there a lot of requests. The most POPULAR requests were put into a poll on the Minecraft Forums to be voted on. The winner will get top priority and be added into the next update. If you requested a digimon line and don't see it in the poll it was either 1. Only requested by one person or 2. Already being worked on behind the scenes and so it didn't seem fair to put it as a choice.

Question 8: Question 4 had you suggest an improvement for the mod, For this question, suggest something new for the mod.

-"Spirit evolution"
- Sigh. That's fair. I should have seen this coming.

-"Something interesting that would encourage players to get stronger digimon would be giving digimon some sort of utility depending on what type of digimon they are. For example, Digimon that can already be ridden would have that as their utility purpose while other digimon could be capable of storing a large amount of items, help with mining, or provide a passive buff to the player while outside of their V-Pet and near them. The higher the digimon is in power, the better they are at performing their utility purpose. This would get players to search for certain digimon and raise them up to where they'd like them to be."

-As someone who has bought/sunk too many hours into Ark recently, I can definitely appreciate the idea of having digimon specifically for utility. The issue here is more of..what utility can you exactly achieve in Minecraft? You..need to cut wood, and you need to mine stone/dirt/sand. And..then you don't really have much else you need to do. I'm definitely intrigued by this idea though, and would love to hear this idea expanded upon.

-"Maybe a personality value for the digimon like in Digimon World Championship, wich determinates how it behaves in battle and how much itwould increase certain stats"

-Fun fact: While personalities in the mod do not currently change battle behavior, they do infact, alter stat gains. Some more noticeable than others.

-"Dark Spires and Dark rings, and Dark dimension stuff. The mod feels very "good" right now and for those wanting to play a darker side there really isn't much helping that. You'd still have to do all the same things the "good" side does to get what you want, and after that you've just being a bully with a strong Digimon then. Having a dark side to play as, along with goals or something as well would help alleviate . But being dark would have to have the wild digimobs be under you control and do what you want as well, so to expand further, say get a Drimogemon under your control (not partner Digimon) and then have it go to work digging."
 - I don't want to say much about this one..Primarily because this gave me a rather interesting idea that eventually sparked a large majority of the new system I am developing for the next update. And I just don't want to give it away just yet. And while part of this does involve some "darkside" game play, it has really expanded into a much bigger thing. But you will just have to wait and see for this one.

-"how bout digieggs u carry around in a incubator"
 - I don't really see the point for this. I know people want more ways to cut down on that egg hatching timer, but I just don't see this as the way. But maybe if enough people request it.

-"Having some digimons appearing in the real world as viruses (you know like in tamers escaping from the internet)"

-Done. Check the digimobs twitter if youuu would like to see a teaser.

-"Cards to enhance Digimons via the D-Power"
 -Ehhh. Solid maybe. I've had this idea tossed around to me a couple of different times in different ways. I still have yet to hear of one that doesn't make a digimon super overpowered by using a card swipe to boost it.

-"A way to talk with your digimon. This will be hard, I think."
 - Having solid conversations..definitely not within the realm of possibility. That being said, the next update will contain more speech from your digimon. Not necessarily the same thing, but I think it's a step in the right direction.

-"Something new... hmm... I know! Add creatures from the games/anime that aren't digimon. (Digi-gnomes, D-Reaper, Vitium, etc.) It's just an idea,not that I want them like right now. "
 -Absolutely. This is more of an issue of not having the models for them currently. Though I do have models for some of the d-reaper forms, and the first vitium form. You may see the former sooner rather than later. So I will extend this question out to everyone for more discussion. Should these digital lifeforms be tameable in some way? What functions would you like to see them perform?

-"Perhaps the addition of bosses such as Yggdrasil or whatever so that we have something to work towards while playing."
 -Something that has only been tossed out more recently as an idea to me is big bosses in some kind of big structure that only spawn out from certain distances. I think this is probably an excellent way to incorporate bosses like Yggdrasil, or the Demon Lords as another person requested.

- "I liked the idea of training Digimon in a Digimon World 1-esque way (minus the speeding up, obviously). You could make little Digimon gym
areas that spawn in certain biomes, or even custom blocks to make things like the gym equipment yourself to keep congruent with Minecraft."

-I'll admit, I feel pretty stupid that I didn't think of making gyms that spawned naturally in the digital world before this. While this may not get done in time for the next update, it will be something that I will get to work on in the near future for sure.

 -Annnd many more. But honestly my fingers are cramping at this point from all the typing, so for now I'm going to go into my final thoughts.

Wrap Up

- I again want to use this survey primarily as a tool to open up discussion about ACTUAL likes/dislikes/improvements to the mod. As you can probably see from some of my responses, I have already begun incorporating a lot of the things mentioned into the next update, which is turning into maybe the most massive one yet. I would love to hear more thoughts on the results of this survey if anyone actually made it through this massive wall of text. I want to thank everyone again for taking the time to take this survey seriously as I think it has helped me narrow my focus to what needs to be done tremendously. I will keep the survey open and the link on the front page in place so that people can continue sending in surveys for feedback, should they prefer that to posting here or the digimobs forum.
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Results of the Digimobs Survey
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