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 Can't Connect

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PostSubject: Can't Connect   Sun Apr 30, 2017 1:41 am

I am probably really late on saying this but i can't connect after the update, i am not on a ladder if your wondering that i am simply not loading in correctly i join for a second a few blocks load beside me and not beneath me i have tried doing /spawn or /home because i have enough time between when i connect and then Minecraft crashes but that doesn't work i also have a problem with the technic launcher, in short i don't use it I download the mods myself and manually use the Minecraft launcher instead it worked before the update but now it doesn't I don't think any could help but its worth a shot to try to play again, its an awesome server and i have done a lot on it


Minecraft Actually name: daznlise

Forgot to add that the reason i don't use the technic launcher is because the pack won't download for me
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Can't Connect
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