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 Digimobs(0.9.9) Pre-Release I Changelog

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PostSubject: Digimobs(0.9.9) Pre-Release I Changelog   Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:33 pm

-Language files will be added and updated in the next pre-release

-The mod has expanded to a point where it does not play well with other bigger mods. Starting with this mod, we will be redoing items to help accommodate with other mod compatibility, which will unfortunately delete any of the old item versions. We will slowly be phasing these out.

This update, all digivices have been deleted, so you may need to craft news ones.


-Added ambient sounds to all baby digimon

-Several digimon have gained the ability to be flown

-Fixed an issue with tamed and flying digimon taking fall damage

-Adjustments to riding:

Overall speed reduced so that servers will not read them as bugged entities and remove them while riding too fast

You can now float in midair without falling

-New digimon added:

Baby: Sakumon

Rookie: ???

Champion: ???

Ultimate: AeroVeedramon, ???, ???

Mega: UlForceVeedramon,Lilithmon,Mastemon,Ophanimon

-New remodels:



Rookie: Salamon,Renamon


Champion: Veedramon, Veedramon(Red), Veedramon(Virus), Gatomon, BlackGatomon,Mikemon

Ultimate: LadyDevimon,Angewomon

-Eggs are now immune to fire.

-Added a "Flying Wander" to certain digimon

-Added a beta "Interaction" AI

-Began fixes to equipment stats.

-TorikaraBallmon has been upgraded from a Baby digimon to an In-training digimon.

-Slabs have been re-added for various blocks. Also new slabs.
-Stairs have been re-added for various blocks. Also new stairs.

-Added new plantable seeds

-The Digimon Adventure era Digivices have been updated to 64x64 textures.

-All Digivices have been recoded, and so old digivices will be deleted upon restarting old worlds

-Began adding more items for the future

-Added new foods! Perhaps crafting these will be beneficial for your digimon

-Bytes will now give a small percentage of stat exp when used.

Known Issues

-Stat bonuses may not show up in the GUI when re-logging in, or when taking a digimon out of a v-pet. Open their inventory to fix this issue.
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Digimobs(0.9.9) Pre-Release I Changelog
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