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 Revised Rules for Digimon Auctions

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PostSubject: Revised Rules for Digimon Auctions   Thu Apr 06, 2017 12:41 pm

This is a long time coming, but due to the amount of drama that seems to surround most of the digimon auctions, we will now be having an updated and revised list of etiquette for participating in the auctions.


1. The auctions will be at random times on Thursdays. Do not ask, or try to prompt someone to tell you when an auction will be held.

2. Whomever is in charge of the auction for the night has the final call. Do not be rude to them, or disrepect them in any way.

3. Do not place joke bids, or you will be muted and barred from the remainder of the auction.

4. Do not beg or demand for a certain digimon to be auctioned next. The staff member hosting the auction has the right to kill that digimon should people continue to beg or demand them.

5. Do not feed people money during the auction. All this does is prolong the bid on a digimon. If you want to give someone money for a digimon, do it before the auction begins. If you get caught feeding someone money during the auction, you will be barred from the auction.

6. From now on, people will be limited to winning a maximum of three digimon per auction. Once you have won three, you are done bidding.

7. Do not start drama with each other over a digimon. All parties involved will be removed from the auction.

As mentioned above, breaking these rules will result in either you being muted for the remainder of the auction, or removed from it completely. Repeated rule breaking will see that you are barred from participating in ANY auction in the future. Respect your fellow players, and respect the staff who take time to host these events.
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Revised Rules for Digimon Auctions
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