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 Kinda new to Digimobs and I need help

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PostSubject: Kinda new to Digimobs and I need help   Sun Apr 02, 2017 11:30 pm

Ok 1st off I am new to the forum as well and don't know where to post this.

2nd off last I played was 1.7.10 before bosses were added but the Digiworld was still there, so I played LAN with a friend and we spawned in our digimon and once we got to where we needed 2 digimon to progress (EG: WarGreymon + MetalGarurumon + Omnimon) we just cheated them in. Now I am playing by myself and I am curious how to get new digimon on the 1.10.2 update. I am wanting to play legit and I have had my digimon kill atleast around 10 or so "corrupted" digimon with the red names and I haven't gotten an egg. I am watching a person play a previous update (1.7.10) and his digimon have killed "boss" digimon, are these the same things just different names for different updates? Do only certain corrupted digimon drop eggs, or is the drop chance really low? Because I really don't want to cheat unless I have to. Yes I have looked at the wiki and it says "the currently only way to get a new Digimon is by having a wild boss killed by another Digimon. When a boss is killed by a tamed Digimon, it has a chance of dropping an egg of its baby form. Killing a Digimon yourself will NEVER yield an egg!" so I look up how to get Digieggs and it says "Digieggs can be obtained by killing corrupted digimon, or from the death of a tamed Digimon. Each boss has the possibility of dropping a Digiegg of their evolution line." So either I am too stupid to see the obvious and the corrupted digimon are bosses and I just need to have my digimon defeat more corrupted ones. Or I am doing something wrong.

Thanks ahead of time for the help guys.
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PostSubject: Re: Kinda new to Digimobs and I need help   Mon Apr 03, 2017 12:02 am

Yes, corrupted digimon are the boss digimon referred to by the wiki. The higher the form of the digimon, the more likely an egg is to drop. For example, a Baby digimon has about a 1% chance to drop an egg, while a Mega digimon has around a 35% chance to drop an egg.
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Kinda new to Digimobs and I need help
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