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 Digimobs(0.9.8e) Changelog

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PostSubject: Digimobs(0.9.8e) Changelog   Fri Mar 31, 2017 6:38 pm


Language files have been fixed and set up!

Special thank you to EdXFlame for translating the mod into Portugese!

-Fixes to many structures that spawn in the digital world, mostly the digimental temples. You will need to generate new chunks for these changes to take effect.


-New digimon added:

Champion: ExVeemon(Virus), Guardromon(Gold), Growlmon(Yellow)

Ultimate: WarGrowlmon(Yellow),Taomon(Vaccine)


*Because Phantomon has been delayed an update, Piedmon will temporarily digivolve from Myotismon instead.

-New remodels:


-Fixed a gamebreaking bug where digimon would ignore the defense of opposing digimon.

-Reworked the dodging mechanic. Now if your digimon meets the requirements to dodge, it will have a flat rate of 20% to dodge an attack.

-Fixed a bug where Tanemon could not digivolve to Floramon.

-Fixed a graphical issue on the stats page where certain stats would reset to 1.

-Fixed the digimon that are required to unlock the golden digimentals.

-Angemon can now be ridden and flown

-MetalSeadramon can now be flown.

Magnadramon can now be ridden and flown.


-Fixed up digisaplings, swampsaplings, and tall digigrass.

-Lowered the resistance of some blocks.

-Fixed the sounds for some blocks.


-Added creative only worldgen items to the Woodlands,Mudlands,and Ruins biomes. These can only be used in their respective biomes to generate more structures.

-Added items to hint towards future additions.

-Fixed a bunch of issues with digizoid tools, as well as the obsidian pick texture.

-Digizoid tools now require chrome digizoid to repair, instead of their respective colored digizoid.

-Fixed the rest of the items that had strange drop sizes.

Known Issues

-Bonus stats from equipment will not always display on the stats page.

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Digimobs(0.9.8e) Changelog
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