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 More Mod suggestions for the Digimobs Adventure Server

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PostSubject: More Mod suggestions for the Digimobs Adventure Server   Fri Mar 10, 2017 8:35 pm

Oh guess who's back with another one, this dude. I had made some suggestions last year for the server, and one actually made it, surprise, surprise. Now there was a couple that I realized, hey, why didn't I mention this? And with the fact of the server going into 1.10.2, I would love to add some suggestions for the serveragain. First things first, we all know that people have been wanting some more space to put things, and how their inventory its real tiny. So I shall start with the Iron Chests mod. Iron chests adds WAY more chests, dirt chests with with one spot (Seriously), Diamond chests, crystal chests, etc. The crystal chests hold more than a double chest, and you can't even make a double for a crystal, good thing you don't need to have a double chest of a crystal... The next one is the inventory pets mod.
The inventory pets mod, just lets you have these "Pets" (Items whatever) lets you carry around little item pets, in your hot bar to make them work, so you can have buffs, or be immune to things, or even walk on lava. However, these are nerfed, you have to feed them certain items so they will continue to have effects. Such as the Banana, (Yes, thats a actual pet.), which needs glow stone, so you can continue to use it. Thats actually all of the ideas I have for NOW, but if you were to be so kind and recommend more, that would be fantastic. Very Happy

-Edit: after a while I felt like I had more suggestions, but apparently nobody ever reads these anymore, but meh. Still gonna type these up.
One suggestion, Security craft. Security, CAMERAS. (gotta love cameras am I right?) Security craft is a way to keep unwanted guests out of your house, protect your chests when your gonna be gone long, you can hide stuff in a password protected chest. What if your ender chest is full? Cant hide stuff if your ender chest if its full! What if your room mate hears that your leaving for a while, and they want your digimon? (Rip your Agumon then.)
you trust each other enough that you don't hide your v-pets. Then there are doors that only open for you and you in particular, closes for anyone else, BUT YOU! Basically I made this whole paragraph to say something obvious, security, in, craft. Wonderful.
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More Mod suggestions for the Digimobs Adventure Server
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