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 Take a survery for the server/mod, get prizes!

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PostSubject: Take a survery for the server/mod, get prizes!   Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:45 pm

Below is the link to a survey I have made to collect a little information on the server and the mod. And of course, there will be prizes for completing it, at least through the month of March.


Prizes include
1x PupuEgg(This being the Fanbeemon line)
1x Red paintbrush
1x Blue paintbrush
32x Terabytes


1.This survey will  go on past March, but you will not receive any prizes for completion after March 31st
2. Prizes will be distributed by me personally, they won't be automated. So you will need to wait for me to be online to receive them.
3. Don't rush me. If you begin rushing me for your prize, you will not receive it at all.
4. If you are caught cheating/doing multiple surveys to get more prizes, you will also not receive any prizes.
5. If you write trollish remarks/comments instead of being constructive and answering the questions, you will not receive any prizes.
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Take a survery for the server/mod, get prizes!
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