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 Digimobs(0.9.8d) Changelog

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PostSubject: Digimobs(0.9.8d) Changelog   Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:43 pm


-Fixes to the new digimon spawning system.

-Fixes to some broken localization.


-New digimon added:

In-training: Pinamon,???

Rookie: Floramon

Ultimate: Lilamon

-New remodels:

In-training: Koromon,Tsunomon,Yokomon,Motimon,Tanemon,Tokomon,Nyaromon




-Added two new personalities, Deft and Intuitive. These further increase the amount of Agility and Brains gained from stat experience, but also come with a little twist.

-The rate at which offense stat exp and defense stat exp gained is no longer random, and will give you a little for each attack you make/attack you recieve. Agility exp is also no longer randomly gained when dodging, but will also no longer increase simply by walking around.

-Fixed riding(From Digimobs 0.9.8c)

-Fixed an issue with the targeting overlay trying to target nonliving entities, and crashing the game(From Digimobs 0.9.8c)


-Added upgraded versions of the training blocks.


-Added Miracle Fruit. These will increase or decrease your digimon's size by a random amount.

Known Issues
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Digimobs(0.9.8d) Changelog
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