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 Are the rules of bosses the same?

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PostSubject: Are the rules of bosses the same?   Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:52 pm

I recently saw a playthrough of digimobs (using a somewhat recent version since it required commands from a digivice) and they seem to get eggs so frequently due to fighting bosses, perhaps 35% of the time. This playthrough was before the decorative blocks added in and i can't help but feel that either these new blocks replaced the egg loot or made their drop percentage down.

I've fought at least 20 bosses and that isn't much but given they rarely appear to begin with, i can't help but feel cheated when after tracking down that red name, he drops a block of digimon kanji, it's at this point where i have a better chance of getting one out a vending machine.

It would be better if there was structures that had chests (or monitors/pc towers used like chests) to have these letter things inside instead of clogging up my inventory when trying to get a buddy. I'm at a stage of getting a crest from an ultimate, i would have preferred to get another digimon at this point, so do rookies have a higher chance of dropping them? does the level or stage of evolution matter?

Hate to rant but it's just annoying how i see these people having fun with the mod, trading eggs through grinding and at the end of several hours of gameplay i can't get even one egg Sad

I was so desperate that i thought that maybe if i spell out the digimon i want with the digicode it'll just transform into an egg, i feel either the boss digimon need to spawn more regular or the chances of it dropping the egg needs to be raised since they aren't that common of an encounter to begin with and coming back empty handed after the hours of searching the elusive egg keeper is just depressing.
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PostSubject: Re: Are the rules of bosses the same?   Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:13 pm

The stage of evolution determines the drop rate of eggs. Digicode blocks have no influence over the rates of egg drops. If the blocks are clogging your inventory up, throw them away, or use them as decoration like they were intended to be used.

Boss rates were nerfed because people complained about them being too high. Now they complain because they are too low(Hint, they didn't actually drop all that much).

Egg drops won't be raised. Having more than one digimon is meant to be a challenge, and a luxury. Killing baby, in-training, and rookie digimon are not going to magically have their drop rates adjusted to where you get an egg every other kill.
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PostSubject: Re: Are the rules of bosses the same?   Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:49 am

Fair enough, i don't know how minecraft coding works, sorry about the two threads, i was tired and annoyed last night from playing that session, still, it seems odd for digimon to hold onto letter blocks but i guess in the future those blocks might be dropped or found in a more logical way maybe possibly so? Like if the machine biome spawned buildings or factories.

I didn't think they were too high, maybe too many were 100 lvl from what i saw, do you have to just wait in-game days for them to level up and digivolve or do they just spawn as a champion etc?

I did keep telling myself "the reason they made it hard was because it would be too easy making a group of digimon painting the digital world red" and i guess wanted to have them lvl up evenly,  but i recently was also using the zelda sword skills mod too and it had urked me about having a double rare occurrence "go to a rare biome savanna to find a random/rare structure" and it felt sorta the same here, rare drop by a rare digimon spawn.

I guess i reasoned it by thinking if boss digimon appeared more frequently i wouldn't care if there was a 1% chance of it dropping eggs since i have more chances of getting it, i mean it could be worse, it's not as bad as digimon masters way of getting an egg, or digimon rpg where there was a 000.01 percent chance of you capturing a digimon.

Maybe todays session will yield results for a partner, i...couldn't think how to end this post.


Edit: Recently got real lucky with the eggs, just as a quick question, magnaangemon does drop crest of hope right? Fought him twice now, that guy hides really well, piddomon keeps fooling me! I would say to move gaomon down to the greenland place since it isn't an air/holy type, hoping that other digimon like gatomon and tucanmon appear more often but again that's probably not how spawning works.

Edit: Okay after nearly giving up trying to get a crest of hope, the tenth one finally drops...a crest, it isn't hope like it supposed to, it dropped the crest of light, now if you made it so there is a chance of it dropping either, I'm sorry but that's just stupid, there is far more angewomon than there are magnaangemon and i stick by it being the excessive spawn count of all the digimon in the highlands, heck sometimes while running toward digimon they would just disappear in front of me. it would be much preferred if you made a new biome that's a rocky/sandy archipelago, spawning toucanmon, gomamon (both based on season 4 episode 15) as well as muchomon, gazimon and other islanders to spread out the digimon a bit more. I'm positive i would find 20 metalgreymon in the crag than i would find 3 magnanangemon in the same time, and i refuse to believe it's intentional given I've seen megas more often in the area, including seraphimon.
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PostSubject: Re: Are the rules of bosses the same?   

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Are the rules of bosses the same?
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