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 Lucemon Forms :3

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Baby Digimon

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PostSubject: Lucemon Forms :3   Fri Oct 07, 2016 5:08 pm

So hello everyone it's my first time in suggestions <.< well anyway let's get straight to it. I was thinking and talking to knight which suggested me to suggest this XD
well anyway back to my idea, i was thinking that maybe we could implement Satan mode for lucemon AND Larva mode. You must be asking how would larva be possible? easy solution i found was that since larva was born from satan, that maybe if your satan mode dies it'll drop an item which is necessary to get the larva mode. also i thought that maybe larva and satan would focus on different stats like satan more of an attacker and larva more of a defender. anyway please comment on this if you can guys. :3
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Lucemon Forms :3
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