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 Server Rules

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In-Training Digimon
In-Training Digimon

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Wed Sep 14, 2016 12:18 pm

For your convenience, server rules are posted both on the forums and in-game, where they can be viewed in the spawn factory or by using the /rules command. There is no excuse for not following the rules.

1. Respect staff members and other players. This means that if a staff member asks you to stop doing something, you do it. If someone tells you you're bothering them, stop it. If you want to say something that might make someone uncomfortable, don't say it. If you want to suggest things for the mod or the server, post it on the forums instead of in-game. If you don't listen to the staff, are picking on other players, or are being annoying in any other way whatsoever then the staff is well within their rights to mute or even ban you. And remember, you don't get to decide if you're being annoying or offensive. The person you're annoying or offending does.

2. Do not beg staff members or players for money, items, Digimon, or any mod or server spoilers. This server is not designed to give you free stuff. If you want something in-game, you need to earn it. If you have questions about how to get a certain Digimon, check the wiki. If it's not there then (spoiler alert) you need to figure it out for yourself. The same goes for the server storyline: the instructions are all there in-game, you just need to read them and look around.

3. Do not pester staff with questions. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the mod in singleplayer before attempting a server experience. If you are still unsure of something you can check the wiki, which can be found at http://digimobs.wikia.com/wiki/Digimobs_Wiki.

4. Do not spam chat, private messages, or teleport requests. This is annoying, and we want everyone to have a positive server experience. Just don't do it.

5. Do not advertise. There are plenty of places online to advertise your server, website, youtube channel, or whatever else you might want people to see. Digimobs Adventure is not one of them.

6. Do not build in or grief the Digiworld. This is an adventure server, and the Digiworld is reserved for training, quests, and the storyline as a whole. Usually, the Digiworld is in adventure mode. When it is not, players are expected to treat it with respect. Mining underground in such a situation is permissible, however harvesting resources from the surface, digging large holes in the landscape, stripping trees, or anything else that damages the landscape is not.

7. Do not scam. If someone pays you for something, give it to them. If someone sells you something, pay them. It's not hard.

8. Do not kill Digimon belonging to other players. If you see a Digimon with the Owner:Offline tag leave it alone, or report it to a staff member so it can be moved to the daycare. Killing a tamed Digimon results in an immediate permanent ban.

9. Do not trap or feed Corrupted Digimon. If you see a boss you can't kill, go train somewhere else or invite another player to come kill it. Unless decided otherwise by the involved parties, boss drops belong to the player whose Digimon made the kill.

10. Do not build AFK machines or AFK in any other way. This includes the use of any build or structure designed to keep your character moving indefinitely, as well as altering your mouse or keyboard to move your character while you are not physically sitting at your computer. If you are suspected to be using creative methods to hide AFK-ing you will be subjected to an investigation by the Digimobs Adventure staff team. Any case of AFK-ing results in an immediate temporary ban.

11. Do not steal from other players. Drops belong to the player that made the kill. If someone trusts you to their base, respect their possessions. If you find a base that is partly unclaimed, leave it alone. Claims do expire however: if someone has been offline for over two months, their base will become unclaimed and is free to be looted. If you're unsure if a base is inactive or not, check with a staff member before looting it. Everything in the PvP world is free to be looted, including player builds. If you plan on going inactive for longer than two months, place your valuables in the ender chest at spawn for safekeeping.

12. Do not hack. This includes, but is not limited to, x-ray and fly hacks.

13. Do not abandon your Digimon. This is in your own best interest: if you leave your Digimon unattended it could get killed, turn into a boss, or attempt to tp to you and fall out of the world. Keep them with you or in their v-pets. Digimon that are left in unclaimed bases in the overworld or in the nether or pvp world are killed to reduce lag, and Digimon left out in the digiworld are either moved to the daycare or killed by bosses.

14. Report all bugs and issues on the forums. Bug exploitation will not be tolerated.

15. Do not kill any digimon in or otherwise exploit the daycare safezone. Attempts to do so will result in a temporary or permanent ban and the loss of any digimon used to circumvent the area's protection.
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Server Rules
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