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 Disappearing Digimon: Updated 9 February 2018

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In-Training Digimon
In-Training Digimon

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PostSubject: Disappearing Digimon: Updated 9 February 2018   Tue Jul 19, 2016 7:25 pm

Why do Digimon disappear?

To put it simply, Digimon are tied to the world data. If your Digimon dies, Digivolves, or is modified in some other way, the mod sends that information to your player. If you are in a different dimension from your Digimon when these modifications occur, the server has nowhere to send this new information, and may result in the digimon being deleted from the world.

What can I do about it?

Don't leave your Digimon out.

Also, because of the way Digimon are saved, If you spam click your v-pet, your digimon will lag and get deleted. Don't do that. No spam clicking.

If you have found any sort of Digivolving exploit or way to interact with your Digimon across worlds or while it is an unloaded chunk, please report this to Cyan or myself. You won't be in too much trouble, especially if you report it now instead of waiting to see if anyone else steps forward first. Remember, you are crashing the server and it would be better for everyone if you weren't.

How do I get my Digimon back?

If you have a screenshot of your Digimon,
you can get it back.

Only if you have a screenshot. Since you can't take a screenshot of something that's disappeared, you should probably take one every few levels just in case.

This doesn't count for if you leave it somewhere and can't find it. If you claim to have lost your digimon and we find it sitting somewhere in the Digiworld, you probably won't get it restored next time you misplace it.

If you take a screenshot of your Digimon, make sure the stat screen is visible in it. This is because stats aren't tied to level-- if you had a level 50 digimon, we have no way of knowing what its stats were unless they're in the screenshot. To find the stats screen, right click your digi with a digivice and enter the stats page. Same goes for the inventory, which you can access from the stats screen. If you have a screenshot of a digimon, but no stats, you'll likely only get its egg back.

Please Note: Now that taming has been re-added, we are only restoring digimon that originally came from an egg. So if you find an egg, take a screenshot of it as soon as you place it, and send a screenshot of The egg's digivice page as well as the digivice page for whatever digimon you evolved it into.

Where do I post my screenshot?

There is not a forum page for posting it. Instead, send it as a private message to Cyan or me (superfuzzygoat).

To do this, you need an account. On the forums. And if your forum name is different from your Minecraft username, you should say who you are as well.

Digimon bought from the donation store will have the digiegg restored, without a screenshot being needed. However, you still need to message Cyan (not me-- he manages the donations) to actually let him know this issue has happened, we aren't psychic.

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Disappearing Digimon: Updated 9 February 2018
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