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 PaoEgg hatching bug?

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Rookie Digimon
Rookie Digimon

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PostSubject: PaoEgg hatching bug?   Tue Jun 28, 2016 6:50 pm

Yo! So, I was hatching eggs in singleplayer creative today with the alarm clock. When I used the alarm clock on the PaoEgg, it displayed the digivolving animation, but remained an egg afterwards instead of hatching into Paomon. I also tried it with and without chips, but it gave the same result. I've attached pictures of before hatching, during, and after, but going in-game and testing it yourself will give you a clearer explanation.

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In-Training Digimon
In-Training Digimon

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PostSubject: Re: PaoEgg hatching bug?   Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:46 pm

I had the same problem as you but maybe a different egg. From my newb point of view (at the time), it happened when i had either 2 of the same egg, Fresh or In-Training digimon.. or when i just had more than 1 of those stages at once. It would also flood my chat saying it needed items to digivolve as if its clicking the digivolve key itself over and over and over. And like you, digivolving creates the animation but the energy is reset like it really did go through a successful digivolve..
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PaoEgg hatching bug?
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