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 Auction of digimon in daycare (Event)

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Baby Digimon

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PostSubject: Auction of digimon in daycare (Event)   Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:21 am

Why don't we have a for sale planning?
example: every Monday the 8:00 pm announces that there will be an auction of Digimon of players that don't log on to + 7 days, which are in daycare,
so let's not have an overcrowding of Digimon in daycare, I know this happened last day 21/06. But it's going to be nice every week there is a little selling event of Digimon.
Let's start prices
Digiegg: 100 $
Baby: 100 $
In-Training: 150 $
Rookie: 300 $
Champion: 500 $
Ultimate: $ 700
Mega: 1000 $
Fusion: $ 1500
Armor: 1500 $

Are only examples of prices you can charge, you can also sell the ultimate, mega, fusion, armor, by charging little for a dollar, they charge $ 3.50 in digiegg, may charge $ 5.00 in one of them
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Auction of digimon in daycare (Event)
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