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 How to Keep Your Digimon Safe (Obsolete)

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In-Training Digimon
In-Training Digimon

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PostSubject: How to Keep Your Digimon Safe (Obsolete)   Sun Jun 19, 2016 7:55 pm

Please Note: as of July 19 2016, Digimon will no longer be restored in this manner. This is because the glitch involving the GriefPrevention claiming plugin has been resolved. Thank you for your cooperation.

In general, Digimon are safe as long as they are with you. Do not leave them lying out in the Digiworld, or anywhere outside your claim for that matter. In a perfect world, this would be all I would need to tell you.

This, however, is not a perfect world. Most of the plugins and behind-the-scenes stuff for 1.8+ servers are still in beta, and as such server lag and crashes can sometimes cause Digimon to be deleted from the server. Digivolving your digimon on claimed land, or releasing it from it's v-pet on land belonging to someone else will cause it to be deleted. Why? Because the plugin is still in beta. In order to ensure your Digis agains this, please read the following post carefully. There will be no exceptions granted. This policy comes into effect as soon as the server comes off whitelist on the 20th.

Screenshot your digimon. That's it. That's all you have to do. As long as you can prove your digimon existed prior to the crash that deleted it, we will replace it.

Digignomes and Genbus with starter digimon under level 20 will be granted an exception from this, as we know you guys don't read the forums as often as you should. However, after ten hours of playtime you're out of excuses. Screenshot your digimon.

A good way to keep track of your Digis is to take a screenshot as soon as you place an egg, then replace said screenshot every 20 levels or so. If you want your Digimon's levels and stats to be restored, you must screenshot it through the digivice interface. No Digimon will be restored to any level higher than 20 levels above the last existing screenshot of it.

If you get a difficult to obtain evolution, screenshot it immediately. This includes Jogresses, armors, and all the other digis you need to work for. A level 80 Paildramon, for example, does not count as insurance for a level 81 Imperialdramon (PM). If you equip your Digimon with rare weapons or armor, screenshot those too.

This isn't hard. Think of it as saving your progress in case your game crashes (wait, that's exactly what it is!)

If the staff has any reason to believe that you have lied about a lost digimon, you will be subjected to an investigation carried out by Cyan and myself, followed by a permanent ban with no appeal. Make good decisions folks!

Tasokyo has generously started a topic under 'Adventure Bugs' where you can post info about your missing Digimon (now including screenshots). You can find the topic at http://digimobs.forumotion.com/t126-general-disappearing-digimon-thread. After your issue is dealt with, your reply to the post will be deleted.
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How to Keep Your Digimon Safe (Obsolete)
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