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 Player Ranks

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In-Training Digimon
In-Training Digimon

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PostSubject: Player Ranks   Sun Jun 19, 2016 7:34 pm

Player ranks are gained through playtime, and each new rank gives you additional commands that can be used. Remember, any form of afk-ing will earn you a ban, so make sure to play for your ranks instead of trying to cheat your way up.

This is the default rank, and does not grant any permissions. It only takes a few minutes to rank up, and after you do so you will gain access to commands and your starter coin. Use this time to explore the spawn area and the beginning of the adventure storyline!

Digignome is the first real rank, and allows you access to most of the basic commands. More advanced features will become available to you as your playtime increases. This is a good time to travel out into the overworld using the warp signs at spawn, and set up a base for yourself. Digimobs Adventure uses gold shovels to claim land, and you start with 100 claim blocks, which will automatically be used to claim a small area around the first chest you place. Use this feature wisely, and remember to set a home at your claim so you can return to it later.
/pay [player] [amount] send another player a specified amount of in-game cash. this will then be deducted from your balance
/motd view the Message of the Day
/say [message] say something in chat. You can also do this by simply typing into the chat box.
/home [name] teleport to a home that you have set
/homes list the names of your current sethomes
/sethome [name] create a personal warp that you can return to later
/trust allow another player to build on your claim
/untrust remove another player's access to your claim
/containertrust [name] allow another player to use chests, furnaces, etc. on your claim without enabling them to break or place blocks
/kit storymode receive your starter coin and begin your Digimobs Adventure!
/rules view the server rules. there is no excuse for not knowing these.
/back return to your last point of death
/msg [name] send a private message to a selected player
/spawn return to spawn
/help list all commands given by all plugins on the server. most of these are not available to you.
/helpop request help from a staff member
/buyclaimblocks purchase additional claim blocks using in-game cash. Each claim block costs $50
/sellclaimblocks sell your extra claim blocks for $20 each
/buy get links to the Digimobs Adventure donation store for digieggs and creative-only items!

After four hours of playtime, you will rank up to Genbu. The commands this rank gives you focus on traveling with and buying items from other players, giving you increased freedom on the server. Find a friend, and go explore the Digiworld!
/tpa [player] send a teleport request to a player. remember, only Genbus and higher can accept!
/tpahere [player] request another player to teleport to your current location
/tpaccept accept a teleport request sent to you by another player
/tpdeny refuse a teleport request
/bal view your current balance

After ten hours of playtime you gain access to a second sethome, as well as a couple more commands. Keep training and exploring!
/hat place the item in your hand on your head as a hat
/ia bid [amount] allows you to bid on auctions being offered by other players. You are not able to auction items at this time.

After 25 hours of playtime, you can create your own shops, and add some character to your tools and weapons with the /lore command.
/lore add [text] create a custom description for the item you are holding. Why have an Iron Gun when you can have Iron Gun: The Bunnyslayer ?
 /afk Switches you from active to afk (away from keyboard). Note: this kicks you from the server immediately
/spongychest setshop [price] Enter this command, then right click a chest and voila! the chest is now a shop that sells whatever item you were holding in your hand. It is recommended that you put a sign on the chest saying what it sells and for how much. Any abuse of this command to scam players (inappropriately labeled shops, etc.) will result in punishments ranging from a tempban and removal of your spongychest privileges to a permanent ban.

After 40 hours on the server, you can finally start to make a name for yourself (literally-- you now have access to nickname commands). You also have a third sethome and can use colour and font codes in chat, but make sure not to turn these into spam. This is the highest rank (or is it?) so enjoy!
/ia auction auction the item in your hand for other players to bid on
/ia acceptbid accept the current bid for your running auction
/ia cancelauction cancel an auction you are hosting
/blockinfo gives you information about the block you are looking at
/givebits [player] [amount] transfer bits, which can be used to buy items from vending machines, from your balance to another player's
/nick [text] give yourself a custom nickname! Colour codes can be used in your nickname, but inappropriate or excessively long nicknames are not allowed.

Please Note: This list is subject to change as the server progresses. Also, if you are found abusing any of these commands they can and will be taken away from you.
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Player Ranks
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