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 Bio Matrix Digivolution

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PostSubject: Bio Matrix Digivolution   Tue Jun 07, 2016 2:43 pm

Bio matix digivolution is a form of digivolution when a tamer and it's partner join together to become one being. Seen in season 3 of digimon Digimon Tamers.

I believe that it would be a great addition to the mod, It would be a lot of fun to do and mess around with and a very cool feature to have.

It would give tamer digimon from season 3 (maybe other digimon you could put a vote to see what digimon people want to see have a Bio matrix digivolution) like Guilmon, Terriermon, Renamon, Monodramon, Impmon (I know he didn't need bio matrix digivolution to reach mega but it would still be awesome), Lopmon (Same case as Impmon), Leomon (Same case as Impmon and Lopmon), Haguramon (Same case as Impmon, Lopmon and Leomon).

It could work like this maybe idk.
You could give players a energy bar and make it so they also have to have full energy to digivolve them and then when they bio matrix digivolve the energy bar goes down and lasts as long as the player wants (set up a GUI for it or just sue the digivice) or if the player dies (If the player dies the digimon does not get converted to and egg it would go back into the V-Pet with very low health), And then they would need to get their energy back up to do it again.

It could work like something similar to the morph mod I'm not entirely sure I have no experience in coding this is just simply and idea I had and thought would be a cool addition to the mod and fun to play with. If it you wish not to use it so be it, But if you do it would be awesome if you did!

Thank you for reading!

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Bio Matrix Digivolution
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